Seasonal menù


Starters by Giulia

“Dalla Mena” appetizer:

Bassano asparagus cruditè with Trentino apple slats and Asiago Mezzano cheese flakes, Smoked Black Angus with asparagus marinated at Campari, Capicollo Lucano with morsel of Campana buffalo mozzarella, Bassano asparagus in tempura with sweet and sour sauce and Flan with spring herbs on cheese cream. The dish will be paired with a glass of Ferrari Maximun Brut Blanc de Blancs

Quenelle of creamed cod on toasted bread

Sauris culatello with marinated Bassano asparagus marinated at Cabernet of Breganze

Parma ham aged 18 months with marineted Bassano asparagus

Adult cattle tartare Piedmont and its toppings

Tasting of marinated asparagus: mint, classics, cabernet, cedar and campari

Platter of Grappa cheeses with honey and asparagus jam

Local sopressa, grilled Bassano asparagus and Morlacco cheese

Tempura of Bassano asparagus with sweet and sour sauce

First courses by Patty

Bassano white asparagus soup

Bassano white asparagus risotto

Fresh pasta tortelli stuffed with Bassano asparagus

Tagliatelle with Bassano asparagus and mint

Tagliolini with bruscandoli and speck of Asiago

Caserecci bigoli with balsamic chicken strips and pine nuts

Pappardelle with deer ragout *

Potato gnocchi with gorgonzola and smoked bacon

Spaghetti with tomato and basil

Historic dish of Grappa dedicated to Luigi Agnolin

Gnocchi with bacon and gorgonzola, house roast and potatoes

Second courses

Vicenza-style cod with soft polenta

Bassanese traditional dish: "sparasi e ovi"

Asparagi di Bassano gratinati con pancetta affumicata e Asiago dolce

Bassano bismark asparagus (with eggs over-easy)

Asparagus of Bassano alla Parmigiana

Grilled Bassano asparagus

Scaloppa di pollo agli asparagi di Bassano

Bassano asparagus chicken escalope

Sandwich with Scottona Hamburger, melted cheese and French fries*

Scottona fillet with grilled Bassano asparagus

Grilled meat

Sorana tomahawk "Premium Krowa" Polish

Rib / Cut beef cut selection "Da Claudio"

Rib / Cut beef "Green Land" Irish

Rib / Cut beef "Sashi Beef" Finnish

Scottona fillet

Lamb chops*

Mixed grilled meat (chicken, sausage, pork chop and bacon)

Chicken / turkey breast

Side dishes

Baked potatoes

Fried potatoes*

Grilled vegetables

Mixed salad

Beans in sauce

Grilled Bassano asparagus

Gluten free menu

Our cuisine offers also gluten free dishes. See the menu >>

Desserts by Giulia

Coppa della Mena: amaretti dipped in Baiyleis with chantilly cream and whipped cream

Semifreddo with white asparagus of Bassano Dop

Chocolate cabossa with caramel and hazelnut heart

Chocolate Chunky Brownie with salted Mou glaze

Homemade tiramisu

Rubi Chic with yogurt with red fruits heart

Puff pastry with chantilly cream and strawberries

Gelato alla nocciola in cialda con cioccolato

White or black truffle... coffee or Cointreau/Grand Marnier drowned

Natural pineapple

Lemon sorbet