Seasonal menù

Dear customer, if you have any food allergies or food intolerances, ask for information about our food and our drinks or consult our diary. We are prepared to advise you on what can be most appreciated.

Taste our dishes with the broccoli of Bassano


Starters by Giulia and Dino

Dish dedicated to Flavio Baggio: with mushrooms from Valbrenta and Treviso radicchio fried in Maranese batter, culatello di Sauris, vegetables in oil, puff pastry pie mixed Bosco, Polenta di Marano and Morello Del Grappa € 12, 00
Culatello di Sauris with grana padano cheese and radicchio di Treviso marinated € 8.00
Italian antipasto: mixed cold cuts with local cheeses and sweet and sour vegetables € 8.00
Broccolo and Morlacco soufflé wrapped in speck on cream with Grappa cheeses € 8.00
Table of local cheeses with nuts and honey and jam € 8.00
* Three scallops au gratin baked € 9.00
Smoked trio with citrus sauce: (Tuna, sword, salmon) € 12.00
Sardines and trout in Saor with sweet and sour vegetables € 10.00

First courses by Patty

Risotto with Bassano Broccoli and morlacco € 8.00
Bigoli with duck sauce € 8.00
Spaghetti with tomato and basil € 6.00
Homemade tagliatelle with sautéed porcini mushrooms and truffle oil € 9.00
Homemade Fusilli with broccoli of Bassano, sausage and grana padano in foil € 9.00
Spaghetti with mussels and clams € 9.50
Potato gnocchi with guanciale and gorgonzola € 8.00
House soup € 6.00

Second courses by Dino

Beef fillet with mustard and green pepper € 17.00
Baked veal shoulder with rosemary potatoes € 12.00
Mixed mushrooms with polenta and drunk € 12.00
Venetian-style liver with soft polenta from Marano
€ 10.00
Mixed boiled meat with sweet and sour vegetables € 9.00

Fish second courses

Sea bass fillet with citrus fruit € 10.00
Bacalà alla vicentina with polenta of Marano € 12.00
* Mixed fried fish and vegetables € 15.00
Sesame tuna steak € 14.00
* Sliced swordfish with pink pepper € 14.00

Grilled meat

Grilled beef steak B.A.S.A.N.I.N.A.A (min 500.00 gr) € 3.80 all'etto
Beef fillet B.A.S.A.N.I.N.A.A € 15.00
Beef steak B.A.S.A.N.I.N.A.A with rosemary oil € 14.00
Mixed grilled meat (chicken, sausage, pork chop and bacon) € 12.00
Beef fillet with Treviso radicchio Grigliato € 18.00

Storic dish of Monte Grappa

Polenta, local Sopressa sausage, beans sauce and Morlacco cheese € 9.00

Single Dish Valley

Gnocchi with Guanciale (cheeck lard) and Gorgonzola cheese, Roasted veal shoulder with potatoes € 12.00

Side dishes

Seasonal raw or cooked side dishes da € 2.50 a € 6.00

Gluten free menu

Our cuisine offers also gluten free dishes. See the menu >>


Our desserts by Giulia

The dish of the six delights € 6.00
Panna cotta with dark chocolate € 4.00
Catalan Cream € 4.00
Coppa della Mena: amaretti drowned in amaretto with chantilly cream and whipped cream € 4.00
Home-made tiramisu € 4.00
Sfogliatina with chantilly cream and strawberries € 4.00
Grand Marnier pineapple € 3.00
White or black truffle ... € 3.00
... drowned in coffee or Cointreau € 4.00
Creamy ice cream with warm berries € 3.00
Lemon sorbet € 2.00