Seasonal menù

Dear customer, if you have any food allergies or food intolerances, ask for information about our food and our drinks or consult our diary. We are prepared to advise you on what can be most appreciated.


Starters by Giulia

Dish dedicated to Flavio Baggio: Marinated asparagus on salad, local sopressa, bastard cheese of grappa with honey and walnuts, tempura asparagus, asparagus pie on cream with Culatello di Sauris cheese with marinated porcini *
Black Angus with salted ricotta flakes, cherry tomatoes and Pove oil
Parma ham and melon
Grappa cheese platter with honey and asparagus jam
Tempura asparagus with sweet and sour sauce
Local Sopressa, Morlacco del Grappa, wild mushrooms * and polenta

First courses by Patty

Potato cream with chiodini mushrooms and crispy raw
Risotto with wild mushrooms * and Morlacco del Grappa
Straw and hay with scallops * and courgettes
Pappardelle with asparagus and smoked bacon
Egg noodles with porcini * and truffle oil
Potato gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, aubergines and salted ricotta
Spaghetti with tomato and basil

Second courses

Carpaccio of carne salada Trentina with Apulian burrata
Fresh Tosella and grilled asparagus
Baked veal roll with roasted potatoes
Chicken tagliata with rocket, corn, cherry tomatoes and flakes of the Veneto hills
Pan-fried beef fillet with porcini * and pink pepper
Sandwich with Scottona Hamburger, melted cheese and French fries
Great vegetarian dish with cheese

Fish second courses

Vicenza-style cod with Marano polenta
Baked sea bass fillet with olives, cherry tomatoes and capers

Grilled meat

Grilled beef rib (500 / 600gr.)
Sliced beef steak (500 / 600gr. Min.2 pax) with rosemary oil
Beef fillet
Lamb chops * with tabasco sauce
Mixed grilled meat (chicken, sausage, pork chop and bacon)
Chicken / turkey breast

Historic dish of Grappa dedicated to Luigi Agnolin

Gnocchi with bacon and gorgonzola, baked veal roll and potatoes

Pizza by Mena

Margherita, with the possibility of adding ingredients

Side dishes

Baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, cooked vegetables, beans in sauce, fried potatoes *, mixed salad.
Grilled asparagus

Gluten free menu

Our cuisine offers also gluten free dishes. See the menu >>


Desserts by Giulia

Panna cotta with figs
Coppa della Mena: amaretto macaroons with chantilly cream and whipped cream
Dark chocolate profiteroles
Homemade tiramisu
White or black truffle or coffee or Cointreau drowned
Cream ice cream with hot blueberries
Lemon sorbet
Puff pastry with chantilly cream and mandarin
Pineapple at the Grand Marnier
Catalan cream