Gluten free menù


Sauris culatello with marinated Bassano asparagus marinated at Cabernet

Smoked Black Angus with marinated asparagus

Adult cattle tartare Piedmont and its toppings

Parma ham

Platter of Grappa cheeses with honey and asparagus jam

First dishes

Bassano white asparagus risotto Dop

Tagliatelle with Bassano asparagus and mint

Short pasta with deer ragout *

Bolognese lasagne

Spaghetti with tomato and basil

Second courses

Bassanese traditional dish: "sparasi e ovi"

Asparagus of Bassano alla Parmigiana

Grilled Bassano asparagus

Sorana tomahawk "Premium Krowa" Polish

Rib / Cut beef cut selection "Da Claudio"

Rib / Cut beef "Green Land" Irish

Rib / Cut beef "Sashi Beef" Finnish

Scottona fillet

Lamb chops*

Mixed grilled meat (chicken, sausage, pork chop and bacon)

Chicken / turkey breast

Side Dishes

Baked potatoes

Grilled vegetables

Mixed salad

Grilled Bassano asparagus