Christmas Menu 2018

Christmas Menu 2018

Lunch from 12.00 am

Culatello di Sauris on seasonal salad and marinated chicory
Bauletto stuffed with artichokes and asiago cheese cream with malga

First dishes
Risotto with Radicchio di Treviso and Mantuan pumpkin
Caserecce with fresh forest mushrooms and walnuts

Second courses
Beef, tongue, boiled cotechino with mashed potatoes
Costa and Catalonia

Sliced beef BASANINAA rosemary
Baked potatoes

Our Christmas cake
Prosecco sparkling extra dry

House wine, carbonated and natural water

at the exit
Panettone, pandoro, biscuits
Various digestives, Wines passed away

Cost per person € 38.00

Merry Christmas!

Dinner of San Silvestro 2018

Dinner of San Silvestro 2018

An aperitif buffet
Prosecco brut, negroni, spritz aperol, fruit juice
Puff pastry pretzels, stuffed pretzels, stuffed tartlets
Fried mushrooms from Valbrenta, tosella and olives cubes, small shots of polenta and mushrooms
Fried vegetables, puff pastry walker with bacon, salty focaccia

Chopping of local cold cuts with vegetables in oil
Puff pastry pie with Treviso radicchio

First dishes
Risotto with tacks and pumpkin
Bigoli with duck sauce and radicchio

Sorbet tasting (green apple, strawberry and lemon)

Second courses
Boneless rabbit roll
Baked potatoes
Giraffe in bread crust
Artichokes with oil, parsley and garlic
Buttered spinach

Dessert of New Year

Espresso coffee, red and white wine

Pasta and beans “alla veneta” at 2 AM

Children’s menu:
Mixed cold cuts, lasagne, cutlet with chips.
Dessert, Water, Orange and Coca-Cola.

Music, dance, games and entertainment

Cost of 65,00 euros per person

Happy New Year!

Meeting and events

Meeting and events

It is an ideal location in the peace of Santa Felicita Valley

Hotel restaurant Dalla Mena is at your disposition and offers two separate and comfortable rooms for business meetings, training courses or presentations. It has the necessary equipment, bright spaces and it is flexible to fulfill all the needs of your meetings. Both the rooms have direct access to private parking in order to make the transport of heavy materials easier, ideal for all kinds of exhibitions. We have comfortable single, double, three or four beds rooms

  • All with room services
  • Wi-fi in the whole building
  • Telephone
  • Satellite TV
  • We provide audio and video equipment

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